Cat Boarding

Our feline guests are housed in our Kitty Kabin, separate from our canine guests. Kitties have two story suites consisting of a spacious, windowed living area and an adjoining, smaller powder room. There are ledges in both rooms and a scuttle hole connecting.

Meals are typically served twice daily. Nutro Natural Choice Complete Care cat food is provided. However, you are welcome to bring your pets own food and we will feed as per your instructions. Fresh water is provided at all times. Excessive diet preparations subject to charge.

Fleece beds in pillow cases are provided as our preferred bedding material. Feel free to bring your pet’s favorite washable bedding if you desire. Please limit number of toys.

Individual guests are allowed, if they desire, to come out of their rooms and explore the Kabin during feeding and cleaning times. Since cat personalities vary greatly, so do the type and amount of attention they get. Some want out or to be loved all the time while others would rather be left alone in the comfort of their room to watch through the door or out their window.

We at FOPR recognize the special needs of the very young and very old. Extra activity time may be given as well as special attention to bedding, cleaning and visual monitoring.

Medication Administration: FOPR can administer necessary medications and supplements. All prescription medication must be in a container labeled with current dosage rate, medication identification and prescribing veterinarian contact information. All medication and supplement administrations subject to a minimum charge.

Shuttle Service: Guest pick-up and drop-off available. All admission requirements apply, and owner must be present at drop-off. Service limited by driving distance.

Admission Requirements
All pets over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Vaccinations: Rabies and Feline Distemper vaccinations must be current and administered by a licensed veterinarian. Documentation is required prior to admission. You may have your veterinarian fax your pet’s vaccinations records (preferred). You may also scan and e-mail the records to us or bring them with you at check in.

General Condition: All guests must be of acceptable cleanliness and free of fleas and ticks. Topical flea medication will be applied if needed.

Behavior: Most feline guests are welcome at FOPR. All animals over 6 months of age must be spayed or neutered.

Reservations: Reservations are required. Confirmation response from FOPR needed to secure e-mail reservations.

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